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Having an up to date pool safety certificate is a legal requirement whether you have a pool at home or if it is one that is open to the public.

Although the process can seem complicated and expensive, it does not have to be that way.

Here at Your Local Pool Safety Inspections, we have made the process of obtaining your certificate easier and cheaper than ever before.

We can inspect your pool wherever you are in the state due to our team  co-operative of pool inspectors who all work to the same pricing and inspection structure to ensure the very best service to all our customers.

Our Basic Checklist

It is our job to know all the rules and regulations involved in obtaining your pool safety certificate but there are some steps that you can take in order to make the process flow perfectly.

Firstly, your pool must be registered with the Queensland government, if you have not already done this then we can take care of it for you.

Secondly, we have put together a simple checklist that you can double check against your pool and surroundings.

We advise that you complete the list before calling us in to complete your inspection.

This is because if your pool complies with our checklist, the likelihood is that your pool will pass with flying colours.

Your Pool Safety Inspection Certificate

Our inspectors are available to assess your pool and hopefully issue you with your all important certificate so it can be used.

The rules surrounding swimming pools can seem strict, but they are drawn up to protect all who come into contact with them.

One serious injury in a pool due to lack of safety or not having a suitable gate is one too many.

The same applies to immersion incidents which are all likely without the relevant safety measures in place.

We want swimming pools to be enjoyed which is why we do not charge for us to assess yours.

All we charge is a low $85 plus your certificate.

We do not believe that homeowners and local businesses should be held to ransom by inspectors that over charge.

If you can find an inspector in Queensland who, like ourselves, are licenced by the local government to issue pool certificates, who charge lower than ourselves we guarantee to match their price.

We also make a pledge to all our customers that if your pool fails the inspection first time due to the strict laws, the second inspection will be completely free.

Make Your Pool Legal

By working with our inspectors and checklist here at Your Local Pool Safety Inspections, you can ensure that your pool safety certificate is issued to you cheaply and quickly, with the minimum of fuss.

Contact us today on 1800 POOL SAFETY to book your free pool inspection.

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Priced at Just $85.00 + Safety Certificate
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