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Yes, that’s correct; our price is just $85 plus the certificate. In fact, we are so confident it’s the lowest price that if you happen to find a better price with equal or better conditions, we will do your pool safety inspection for free and we do not charge for a second inspection (provided you have gone through our basic checklist and ticked them all off). All you pay for is the government charge for the certificate – that’s our best price guarantee.

Franchises available Statewide

We do not expect you to know all the rules and regulations but if your pool doesn’t pass the basic test it won’t pass an official inspection. That’s why it’s important to click on our basic checklist link and go through it.

Local Pool Inspections is a co-operative of pool inspectors statewide all using the same systems and same pricing schedule, so no matter where you live we have a local inspector waiting to hear from you.  (Isolated and rural properties may incur a surcharge)

Answer: Latch for gate is too low – it should be 1500mm from the ground.

If your Southside property needs a swimming pool safety inspection then you have found the right company at Your local Pool Safety Inspections Southside.  We have been in the industry basically since its inception and are well versed and experienced in all facets of pool safety.

Your Local Pool Inspection business in Southside can provide you with a full pool safety inspection service, including a written report outlining any issues and providing solutions to fixing the problems.

Our caricature is light hearted and fun – just like swimming at home should be! It doesn’t take much to be sure you have done your part. Quite often you only get one chance.

Did you know that the many pools fail their first inspection? We’re not being picky, the law is very strict.

We DO NOT add on for extra gates etc

We DO NOT charge extra because it’s a big pool.

Guaranteed to beat any genuine quote or your inspection is FREE.

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Things to do Before You Contact us

No we do not expect you to know all the rules and regulations but if you are not reasonably satisfied it's compliant the odds are we won't be either.

We will issue you with a certificate once your swimming pool is compliant. Your Southside Local Pool Inspection team are licensed by the Queensland Government to issue safety certificates – FORM 23 and register your pool as compliant on the Pool Safety Register.

The number of drownings is well documented, but for every one of them there are many immersion incidents that, in a lot of cases, lead to permanent brain damage due to lack of oxygen. I’m not sure which is worse! It only takes a loose lock, hinges that don’t work, a fence that you will get around to fixing one day, a chair next to the fence, etc.

We know in this day and age every body is busy, busy, busy, so we are available 7 days a week. We have no qualms about inspecting on a weekend, as this is possibly the best time to catch some one at home.

It’s well advertised that if you are selling or leasing out your house, you have to have a current certificate. THIS IS NOT ENTIRELY CORRECT. You can sell your house without one, on the condition that the new owners agree at settlement to sign a Form 36 and to obtain a certificate within 90 days. It’s a standard REIQ contract obligation, however doing it this way can lead to extra bartering on price, so it’s your decision which way you go.

New Queensland pool laws introduced in 2009 aim to reduce the incidences of drowning and serious immersion injuries of young children in swimming pools. These laws affect new and existing swimming pools. For example your pool fence needs to be well maintained, your pool fencing needs to be at least 900mm away from objects that would allow a child to climb over, the bottom of your pool fencing needs to be less than 100mm off the ground among other aspects.

Remember these laws are designed for children 5 and under as they don’t think the way adults do. They are very spontaneous and it only takes a few seconds for something nasty to happen. So give the Your Southside Local Pool Inspection guy a call. We are punctual, reliable and you can be assured when you get our tick of approval everything is right, and remember nothing takes the place of supervision.

If, god forbid, anything nasty does happen and insurance companies, being insurance companies, find your pool does not comply you might find out that your public liability may be null and void.

So for peace of mind, the sooner you get your certificate, the sooner you can rest easy.

Call 1800 POOL SAFETY - 0417 728-510 or email us now!

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